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Striped Squill Shoots Honesty - I’m trying to write this and give it a fancy spin, some lovely PR doctoring that makes things sound pretty great even when they’re awful, and I just can’t do it.  I’ve already written and erased this thing four, maybe five times now, and it just keeps coming out rubbish. The fact is, this is the […]
Open Studio 12.12.15
11am - 4pm Holiday Open Studio - ‘Tis that time of year again, the time in which the malls are mad and I go running around with my head completely detached from my shoulders.  (Although technically, your head isn’t on your shoulders, it’s on your neck, but I digress…)  I’m talking about the crazy panic that is HOLIDAY SHOPPING. We here at […]
Landscape I, Mixed Media on Board 2015 Fall Fine Arts Show - Angela Kallsen at the 2015 Fall Fine Arts Show “Landscape I” Mixed Media on Board 24″x 24″ Come check out the fun and see my work at the Fall Fine Arts Show! (OK, there’s more artists other than me, but I’ve always been a believer in blowing your own horn!) Presented by the Northeast Minneapolis Arts […]
A Curious Collection on Display Mini Museum of Antique Vibrators - Estella Eros’s Miniature Museum of Antique Vibrators On Display at Kallsen Studio Northrup King Building #159   What the heck was “Female Hysteria”? What did a “Hysterical Paroxysm” have to do with it? Find out at the Mini Museum of Antique Vibrators displaying curious devices of vibration, massage, and electrical shock dating from the 1850’s […]
More pendants will be available during the Holiday Open Studio New Pendants - Every now and again I like to mix things up, and making jewelry is a great way for me to explore the themes in my work. I love looking at my art from new angles, and seeing my favorite images come to life in different forms. Much like my encaustic series, my jewelry takes details from […]
Open Studio 12.12.15
11am - 4pm HOLIDAY OPEN STUDIO - DECEMBER SATURDAYS 6th, 13th, 20th 12:30-4:00 It’s that time of year- crowded malls, obscenely-full parking lots, and Lord have mercy if it has snowed and nobody can see the painted lines and rows. Frantic shoppers sweating under heavy winter coats and even heavier bags push their way through the throngs of holiday zombies.  Where did […]
Art Car by Angela Kallsen 2014 Angela’s Art Car Project (a.k.a “Sherlock”) -   PART ONE: MINIVANS ARE BORING Minivans are boring.  They are also incredibly practical.  Which is why I have driven one for many years now, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. It started simply enough.  We needed a car that could haul stuff.  With this van we could load it up for […]
by Angela Kallsen  2014
35 x 24"  mixed media on board NEMAA Fall Fine Art Show - Exhibit Dates: September 19 – October 5, 2014 (open to the public Thursday-Sunday) Opening Reception: Friday, September 19, 2013, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM, Free.   NEMAA’s Fall Fine Arts Show starts this weekend! “Lithium” from the Winged Figures Series is Angela Kallsen’s contributing work for the 2014 show and is available for purchase. Presented by the […]


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