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Random thoughts on art, the creative process, and what I’m up to in the studio.


I’m trying to write this and give it a fancy spin, some lovely PR doctoring that makes things sound pretty great even when they’re awful, and I just can’t do it.  I’ve already written and erased this thing four, maybe five times now, and it just keeps coming out rubbish. The fact is, this is the […]

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Quit my day job? Are you kidding?!?

Normally considered an insult, “don’t quit your day job!” is intended to slam you back into the mire of mundane.  “You’re not good enough” is the message. Stop kidding yourself.  You don’t measure up. I disagree, and I think a “day job” is the best thing for an artist. I worked for a long time […]

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Art & Inspiration & Musings

In the past when I attempted to blog, I titled it “The Muse” and ART was the theme.  My posts were all about what I was painting, what I was thinking of painting, what I thought of painting, etc.  Occasionally a bit about the studio and what show or event we were hosting. That, to […]

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