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Finished artworks both past and present.

New Pendants

Every now and again I like to mix things up, and making jewelry is a great way for me to explore the themes in my work. I love looking at my art from new angles, and seeing my favorite images come to life in different forms. Much like my encaustic series, my jewelry takes details from […]

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Gilded Cage

This is my love of bones meeting my love of birds.  When I first posted a picture of the hummingbird in process, a friend of mine pointed out that they stand for “joy”.  And that’s exactly what I felt as I was rendering him.  I love how the ribcage almost becomes a part of the […]

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This started as a simple doodle; I was just playing around, really.  Then something magical happened.  I love the abstract organic nature of the circles juxtaposed with the fiery tower rising up from the depths.  There will be plenty more like these as I move forward. Watercolor, oil paint, charcoal, graphite, and soft pastel.

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Winged Figures

In my recent direction, I am greatly influenced by the words of painter Abbott Handerson Thayer in his explanation of his paintings of winged figures: “Doubtless my lifelong passion for birds has helped to incline me to work wings into my pictures; but primarily I have put on wings probably more to symbolize an exalted […]

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Specimen I: Gorgonocephalus Stimpsoni

The Specimens series was conceived after visiting two aquariums in the same year.  At the Seattle Aquarium, I discovered a living example of Gorgonocephalus Stimpsoni, or more commonly known as a “Sea Basket”.  It is a brilliant orange creature related to starfish that lives in the deep ocean.  Tendrils and curlicues spread out from its […]

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Sympathy Vote

Who gets your vote? Why? The birds in question are the famous finches from the Galapagos Islands, collected by Darwin himself. All but the pretty one; was that your vote? The blue one isn’t real, just some figment of an over-active artist’s imagination. I have long been fascinated by scientific collections and the reasons for […]

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