Mini Museum of Antique Vibrators

Estella Eros’s Miniature Museum of Antique Vibrators
On Display at Kallsen Studio
Northrup King Building #159


A Curious Collection on Display

A Curious Collection on Display


What the heck was “Female Hysteria”? What did a “Hysterical Paroxysm” have to do with it?

Find out at the Mini Museum of Antique Vibrators displaying curious devices of vibration, massage, and electrical shock dating from the 1850’s through the 1930’s. In a society were good women were not supposed to have sexual cravings, some rather interesting and surprising solutions to the problem were aided by the budding technology of the day. After the sewing machine, fan, and toaster, the vibrator was one of the first small appliances electrified, beating out the iron and vacuum by over a decade.

A sensually-themed art show by Angela Kallsen and Estella Eros accompanies the museum collection.  Discretion is advised; this show is not suitable for children.

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