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Every now and again I like to mix things up, and making jewelry is a great way for me to explore the themes in my work. I love looking at my art from new angles, and seeing my favorite images come to life in different forms. Much like my encaustic series, my jewelry takes details from my paintings and my photographs and uses them in fresh ways.

Here’s what’s new now, and all of these pieces will be available this Saturday the 13th at my studio during the December Open Studios. I have more coming soon, as well.

Sea Glass Pendants - front

Sea Glass Pendants – front

“Sea Glass” pendants, front side. All feature small reproductions from earlier paintings.


Sea Glass Pendants - reverse

Sea Glass Pendants – reverse

Reverse side of the same “Sea Glass” pendants featuring images from my paintings.


Sea Glass Pendant - Monarch

Sea Glass Pendant – Monarch

Close-up of a Monarch Sea Glass pendant. This is from my painting “Untitled (Fly)”.


Sea Glass Pendant - Luna Moth

Sea Glass Pendant – Luna Moth

Close-up of a Luna Moth Sea Glass pendant. The background image is sourced from a vintage French postcard.


Pipe Dream Pendants

Pipe Dream Pendants

“Pipe Dream” pendants. All are double-sided. The “Loon” is VERY Minnesotan- featuring our state bird from one of my previous paintings, and on the reverse, a small photo I took of adirondack chairs facing Lake Superior. I’m guessing I’m going to have to make a LOT more of these before too long!


Pipe Dream Pendants: "Keyholes"

Pipe Dream Pendants: “Keyholes”

Keyhole pendants- the keyhole leads through to the other side to bring you into a “Secret Garden”. They are rather labor-intensive, but really worth it.


Pipe Dream Pendants: Reverse side of "Keyholes"

Pipe Dream Pendants: Reverse side of “Keyholes”

The “Secret Garden” side of the Keyhole pendants. I have LOTS of ideas for future works of this nature; they really appeal to my love of miniatures and dioramas, and they are just plain fun!

I have many more in production at the moment, I just can’t seem to get enough of these. The “Sea Glass” charms me with its irregular form and layering. I like the juxtaposing of vintage postcards and written words with “fluttery” things, metaphorically putting writing into speech, and playing off of the idea of a postcard “taking flight” to its recipient. Exploring the space and depth of the “Pipe Dreams” is obsessing me as well.  I am thinking BIG in a very small space (think tornados!) and look forward to offering more of these as they are finished.






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